CRESAÇOR – Regional Cooperative for Solidarity Economy, founded in 2000, in the form of a Social Solidarity Cooperative with limited responsibility, equivalent to a Private Social Solidarity Institution, is currently made up of 27 Cooperators, non-profit organizations of the social and solidarity economy and its intervention areas cover the entire territory of the Azores archipelago. CRESAÇOR has the status of a legal entity of public utility, the status of Tourism Entertainment Company, Certified Training Entity and is the Promotion Agency of the Azores Microcredit Measure. It also holds the trademarks CORES Seal – Certification of Solidarity Economy Origin and Azores For All.

Its strategic vision is economic democracy, social justice and valorization of people, seeking to foster Cooperativism and Networking among its 27 organizations, creating and developing various areas of work and intervention that are true to its Mission: Promotion of the Solidarity Economy Movement in the Azores, combining the dimensions of local and community development, vocational, personal and social training and the production and marketing of solidarity economy products. It thus aims to achieve the following objectives: Increase access to education, training and job incubation within the Social Employment Market and access to Microcredit; Support the creation and sustainability of solidarity economy initiatives by promoting, valuing, marketing and distributing their products; Provide economic and financial consulting services that enhance the sustainability and autonomy of social inclusion micro-enterprises. CRESAÇOR has multidisciplinary and decentralized teams that, in accordance with its mission and corporate purpose, collaborate on-site with cooperating and at-risk public, working in eleven intervention areas: CORES Agency, Inclusive Tourism Animation Agency – Azores For All, Office of Social Entrepreneurship and Bank Microcredit, Office for Counseling to Indebted Citizens, SICARO Quality Office, CO-EX Training Center, Migrant Support Office, Peripheral Creations, Itinerant Platform of Socio-Educational Animation – Mobile Museum, OSHA – Social-Housing Observatory of the Azores and Project “Quinta do Norte” – Pedagogical Farm.

Who is working on the project?

Project manager: Ana Silva
Financial projectmanager: Rui Machado
Communication manager: Margarida Andrad


Joana: a story of success
Joana: a story of success

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