Expertise Partner


The ECSF was established in 2018 as a new competence centre of Munich Business School (MBS). The ECSF at Munich Business School is dedicated to applied research and
technical assistance in the social finance and social impact management sectors. The ECSF aims at translating academic knowledge into practical results.

As impact management partner, the ECSF will be responsible for measuring, assessing and improving the social impact of the project. The evidence gathered will be used for both
internal and external goals. Internally, the data will have formative and summative purposes for the project partners. This means that the ECSF will also play a key role in identifying
the beneficiary partners’ areas of need and supporting them in their social impact growth journey. Externally, impact assessment data will generate knowledge for external
stakeholders and can direct funding by communities and other entities after the end of the project.

As research partner, the ECSF will focus its efforts in transnational project governance with the aim of understanding motivations guiding cooperative behaviors in projects and
academic-practitioner collaborations specifically. The success or failure of projects is only partly within the control of the project manager and project team. Therefore, this type of research can provide practical implications for project managers, as well as fund allocators, operators, and policymakers.

The European Center for Social Finance (ECSF) will take on the role of impact management and research partner in the project, according to the specific competences of the two main people that will be involved: Prof. Dr. Barbara Scheck and Giulia Parola, M. Sc.