Collaborating in European Projects

European countries have a long and rich history of collaboration (and conflict, for that matter, but that would be a different book!). When it comes to participating in European projects focused on environmental and social goals, however, collaboration skills very much resemble Pai Mei’s closely guarded Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique: Sought after by many, yet mastered by only a select few. This is despite their well-established impact on project performance.

Within the pages of Collaborating in European Projects, Giulia Parola shares her research discoveries and firsthand insights on cross-border collaborative initiatives in a straightforward and transparent manner. She rationally advocates for the essential role of a culture manager in European projects, finally unveiling the secret of how project designers and managers can build and sustain collaboration within this truly unique system worldwide.

“Giulia Parola hits the nail on its head. Everybody gets confused entering the world of EU funding. She shares her own experience of frustration and confusion while explaining how EU funding works based on her own path of enlightenment. Very relatable and well done.

—Niels Tudor-Vinther, the

In a rapidly evolving landscape, this book serves as a testament to the enduring power of collaboration and shines as a beacon of hope for all European project managers and designers striving to make a meaningful impact.”

—Gian Luca Bombarda, EEA & Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

An invaluable asset for European project management. Through case studies and practical examples, this book addresses challenges managers can easily identify with and provides strategies for building a culture of effective collaboration within multicultural and international consortia. The author offers concrete solutions to harness the richness of diversity by enhancing the individual uniqueness of each team member.

—Miriam Lanzetta, Project Management Institute Southern Italy

The complexity of European projects embodies elements of cross-cultural collaboration, flexibility, improvisation, pragmatism, and rituality. This book uncovers aspects necessary for the overall understanding of European projects. It’s an indispensable reading material, not only for managers, work package leaders and other project collaborators, but also for project officers and representatives of the European Commission.”

—Gregor Cerinšek, University of Ljubljana

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