StayOn Coaching Toolkit

An integral part of the StayOn project is coaching. It is our belief that coaching as a method is a powerful tool to help our participants develop their personal plans, ambitions and support them through different activities in the project. It is the role of the coaches in the program to offer support to the participants and guide them on the path to their empowerment in tight cooperation with the head coach and under the supervision of BB Consulting.  

To better support the coaches on their task we have developed ‘StayOn coaching: framework and toolkit’ that is already supporting the StayOn coaches on their journey.

Although we come from different backgrounds and our participants have different needs, we are united and supported by the StayOn coaching principles:  
● Listen to connect 
● Be Flexible to adjust 
● Trust to assume the best 
● Experiment to leave the comfort zone  
● Be Resilient to get the job done 

We invite you to use them too.  

Community Shapers Playbook: a toolbox for developing better futures

Community Shapers Playbook: A toolbox for developing better futures is a manual for anyone interested in nurturing human potential for developing communities of purpose and care. It is based on the observations and learnings of the BB Consulting team as a partner for knowledge transfer and relationship building (also known as culture manager) and insights of the partners in the project StayOn – A more inclusive, active and creative world!. The manual focuses on the need, practices and lessons learned on how to develop skills of project partners, coaches and trainers and individuals involved in creating changes in their communities (and wider).

Each chapter in the manual is structured in three parts:

  1. theoretical introduction,
  2. StayOn experience, and
  3. a toolbox with a set of tools to be experienced by the reader.

The book also features 2 contributions on the topic of collaborating in European projects by Giulia Parola, PhD (researcher at the European Center for Social Finance, Germany) and on the power of rituals in projects by Gregor Cerinšek, PhD (researcher and project manager at the Institute for Innovation and Development at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia).

With this manual, we invite you on a journey to discover how you can mobilise yourself, young people, organisations and project partners – in short, to become a better “community shaper”.

If you’re interested in reading your own copy of the manual contact us.

Book: Kindle Edition and Paperback

European countries have a long and rich history of collaboration (and conflict, for that matter, but that would be a different book!). When it comes to participating in European projects focused on environmental and social goals, however, collaboration skills very much resemble Pai Mei’s closely guarded Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique: Sought after by many, yet mastered by only a select few. This is despite their well-established impact on project performance.

Within the pages of Collaborating in European Projects, Giulia Parola shares her research discoveries and firsthand insights on cross-border collaborative initiatives in a straightforward and transparent manner. She rationally advocates for the essential role of a culture manager in European projects, finally unveiling the secret of how project designers and managers can build and sustain collaboration within this truly unique system worldwide.