Handbook on the “Personal development training of coaches experiences & lessons learned”

An integral part of the StayOn project is coaching. It is our belief that coaching as a method is a powerful tool to help our participants develop their personal plans, ambitions and support them through different activities in the project. It is the role of the coaches in the program to offer support to the participants and guide them on the path to their empowerment in tight cooperation with the head coach and under the supervision of BB Consulting.  

To better support the coaches on their task we have developed ‘StayOn coaching: framework and toolkit’ that is already supporting the StayOn coaches on their journey. In order to ensure an effective transfer and broader dissemination we will publish a handbook at the end of the project and share it with you. In it you will be able to read & learn about our experience. We will follow and share our journey, so that you don’t have to repeat our mistakes and can use our success stories so you don’t have to  re-invent the wheel.  

Although we come from different backgrounds and our participants have different needs, we are united and supported by the StayOn coaching principles:  
● Listen to connect 
● Be Flexible to adjust 
● Trust to assume the best 
● Experiment to leave the comfort zone  
● Be Resilient to get the job done 

We invite you to use them too.  

StayOn playbook

A community of people is directed by unwritten set of assumptions, written rules, structures, knowledge, experiences and values shared. But first and foremost, it is connected by a shared mission & purpose – a shared belief of why they are ‘in this together’. The strength of a project consortium depends on the quality of this belief. As does any community.  
The StayOn playbook is a live document through which project partners:  
define and re-define their rules of common engagement – how we work, communicate and also have fun together, 
share their knowledge – resources & examples of best practices, 
track the findings of their common activities. 
The Playbook is designed to support partners on our mission – that young people recognize, develop and use their superpowers – activism, participation, creativity – to StayOn rural communities.  
At the end of the project we will share open the Playbook with everyone.  

Academic book

It is inspiring to watch friendships form out of unexpected people and places. And it is interesting to observe how often the little things bring fundamental change in the relationship among people that do not see eye to eye. This is true even in a consortium of organizations involving professionals from various countries with diverse backgrounds, different work and personal values, and expected to perform quite diversified roles in a project.
This book tells their stories.
It starts from the assumption that project partners are encouraged to collaborate in European projects but then often left alone to do it.
While we are still working on it, we do hope you will want to read this book once ready. Why?

→ it shows the NUDGES needed to move away from worst practices embedded in the stale, corrosive presumption of “this is just another project“,
→ it explains how to best deal with PUSHES or overt cases of tension, which many times represent action opportunities to turn things around, and
→ it illustrates how SHOVES or moments of forced renegotiation might still be the chance to get your project on the right track.