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BB Consulting

At BB we are proud of our role in the StayOn project as a relationship building and knowledge transfer partner. The amazing collaboration within the consortium has resulted in a book entitled ‘Community Shapers Playbook: A Toolbox for Developing Better Futures’ with practical tools for any other community or culture managers – or Culture Architects as we like to call them – who want to try out or develop this role in their projects, teams or organisations.
The book explains the need for the role of a Culture Architect, develops a Competency Model with three sets of skills: community building, leadership and project management, and creates a tool for developing the skills a Culture Architect needs in their daily work to foster the development of relationships and a shared mission.
We have entered The Competency Model of a Culture Architect for the Innovation Award 2024 of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and have already presented the model. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed for the results, which will be announced on 19 June, and we will let you know if our StayOn collaboration, resulting in creation of the Competency Model of a Culture Architect makes it to the podium.

Photo 1 and 2: Uršula Butkovič from BB Consulting presenting the role of culture architect before the joury for the Innovation Award 2024 of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In BB team we successfully spread the power of The Shapers development cards in different context and for different purposes. We regularly use their power for ice-breaking, but also for inspiration in different group settings. ‘The Shapers – cards for shaping your future’ is a tool for personal development in the shape of a card game, very similar to any other card game (or maybe not?) to get you in shape with a push to practice new muscles and the pull to motivate you to do something different. It is a combination of action, focus, imagination and reflection cards giving you challenges, questions and quotes to move you from the place where you feel stuck to a place of flow.

Fotke: CEED, Podjetnice, Vesna, delavnice
Here is what Majda Jurkovič, MSc. teacher, Toneta Čufarja Primary School had to say about the cards:
“I was excited about the cards for two reasons: because they allow us to be randomly divided into groups and to communicate without feeling embarrassed about what we will say in a group of strangers. Unlike the other participants, I was given two cards and realised from the start that they differ not only in colour but also in content. I was impressed by both cards. The first one made me think, this is not for me, but by a happy coincidence I was given the second card and the group conversation flowed spontaneously. After the meeting, I thought about the first card – the frog – and realised that there are things that need to be put into motion.”
Cards that we developed with the help of StayOn partners continue to do their magic in Slovenia and we hope that soon enough there will be another version <3

Photos 1-3: Development cards the Shapers in the friendly hands of BB community

BB Consulting invites you to a series of online events dedicated to dialogues on culture – 1 meeting per month, 1 question on culture.
Join us for our next session on June 19 at 3 PM when we will talk about ‘culture washing’, i.e. what is and what is not implementation of healthy and productive culture in organizations, communities and companies.
Join here.
For a bit of inspiration – check out our Re-imagine jingle here

Photo: First culture conversation revolving around the topic how can culture and art help us bridge the gap between fear and creativity.