StayOn Impact Webinar: Creating value through impact management

Hosted by Giulia Parola from the ECSF GmbH (Germany) on the 26th of October, 2023, StayOn Impact Webinar was a comprehensive journey into understanding how organizations and projects can benefit from impact management.

Professor Dr. Barbara Scheck opened the event with a keynote speech, shedding light on how impact management can create value within organizations and projects to go beyond „good intentions“. The second part of the webinar delved into practical examples by exploring StayOn impact framework. Four remarkable case studies were presented by the representatives of four organizations within the StayOn consortium.

IMPACT CASE 1: Participants Experience Social Inclusion in the Azores (Ana Silva – CRESAÇOR, Portugal): This case study revealed the profound impact of a simple yet powerful concept – the community walk – in the Azores. Ana Silva passionately shared how this initiative transformed lives.

IMPACT CASE 2: Adoption of Community-Based Development (Natalia Truszkowska – The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre, Poland): Natalia highlighted the significance of building a strong stakeholder base. This case showcased how such an approach can drive positive at an organizational level.

IMPACT CASE 3: Increased Transnational Cooperation on Labor Market Issues (Anja Šerc – BB Consulting, Slovenia): Anja Šerc’s presentation brought to the forefront the StayOn culture framework, which led to increased transnational cooperation on labor market issues. This case exemplified how collaboration on a European level can address labor market challenges more effectively.

IMPACT CASE 4: Social Benefits to Rural Areas (Luigi Auteri – Association ATIS, Italy): Luigi Auteri shared an inspiring account of how ATIS Association made significant contributions to rural areas by adapting their training courses to the specific local needs of the rural communities targeted by the project.


The event provided an opportunity for the audience to engage with the presenters and seek further insights through questions from additional participants such as Boris Gidakovic from Meath Partnership (Ireland) and Anastasia Vlachou from Rezos Brands (Greece). These discussions enriched the understanding of each case study and allowed for a deeper exploration of the impact management strategies employed within StayOn.

The webinar will soon be available on StayOn YouTube channel.