As part of a group session in the StayOn project, on 15 June the Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre took 20 NEETs to a Field Workshop entitled “Choosing the right crop varieties and using the right machinery to guarantee the adaptation of agriculture to climate change”. These took place at the Experimental Station for Variety Evaluation in Krzyżewo.

NEETs listened to lectures on ‘How to adapt your farm to a changing climate’ and ‘Advantages of using fertilisation with an extended micronutrient composition’.

The lectures were combined with a tour of the collection of cereal crop varieties in the experimental plots. Modern agricultural machinery and equipment with environmental protection features was also on display.

For the NEETs it was a very valuable experience. They were able to learn how to take care of agricultural crops and how to follow the principles of organic farming at the same time. After the theoretical group training, this trip was an opportunity to gather practical knowledge.