On 14 June 2023, Natalia Truszkowska, director and coach of the Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre, took part in a business breakfast combined with a debate entitled ‘Science closer to business – student closer to the labour market’ that took place in Łomża.


The meeting was attended by representatives of higher education from the Podlasie region, business sector, students and NEETs. Good practices in promoting a labour market open to young people were shared by, among others, the Representative of the Advocate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Białystok, an expert on the integration of education with the labour market, the pro-rector of the International Academy of Applied Sciences in Łomża and representatives of local stakeholders.


During the debate, the activities of the StayOn project were mentioned.

Natalia Truszkowska also met with local stakeholders, with whom she discussed the possibility of offering internships to NEETs undergoing training in the StayOn project.

Recorded meeting could be found here.