The first training cycle in Italy has recently ended. One of the courses on offer was “Communication with Images: Photography Lab” : the course was aimed at providing practical training to participants on the basics of photography, with an emphasis on post-production work, setting up photographic sets, legal and regulatory profiles in the dissemination of images, and the relationship between fiction and documentary.


The participants gained hands-on experience in these areas, enabling them to hone their skills and acquire practical knowledge.  Some of the students also participated in the final Co-innovation lab, which allowed them to apply their newly acquired skills in a real-world setting, creating a service or product, or developing an idea useful for their communities. In Italy, the participants organized a photo exhibition and a tasting of herbal teas produced by them. They also had a “guided” wine tasting, and all the communication contents of the event were created by our digital marketers.


The photo exhibition showcasing the works of the students was a great success, displaying the talent and dedication of the participants. The University of Catania was impressed by the quality of the exhibition and has decided to make it permanent! This recognition is a wonderful acknowledgment of the hard work and talent of the students. It also sets a high standard for the upcoming second edition of the course, which promises to be even more successful.