StayOn delegation Uršula Butkovič (BB Consulting) and Stephanie Kirwan (Meath Partnership) attended the Annual FO meeting in Brussels from 13 to 14 December. The meeting celebrated the European Year of Youth. The meeting brought together various youth projects, which address youth issues from different perspectives and angles.

Anastasia Vlachou, Rezos Brands presented the StayOn perspective at the round table titled Youth opportunities for engagement towards sustainable future which sparked an interesting debate. We actively participated in the seminar’s activities and brought attention to specific StayOn experience through the questions and debates.


The highlight of the seminar was YOUTH TOK – presentation of youth agenda as developed by the young participants. The youth from all over Europe and from various backgrounds created a summary of main youth issues and proposed possible solutions. They received widespread support of their presentation. The presented issues are very much in line with the issues identified by the StayOn participants and we wish their document will be a good starting point towards creating inclusive and relevant youth-related solutions.

Thanks to the Fund Operator for organizing the annual seminar and we look forward to the next one!