BB Consulting, the knowledge transfer partner in the StayOn project, has created a personal development tool in the form of a card game, called The Shapers – cards for shaping your future. The card game was developed as a tool for StayOn coaches, who work with rural youth, helping them develop their skills, increase their motivation and grow their confidence to stay-on their local communities and continue their career path there. The purpose of the game is to help its players address their career goals, aspirations, doubts and ideas with the help of 96 cards, divided into four:

  • actions: imagine, focus, act, reflect
  • activities: ice-breaker, inspiration, challenge, career coaching.


Depending on what you might need or wish to address, you can select your actions and activity cards or pick them randomly and see what they bring up. Based on the chosen cards, the StayOn coaches and participants can use the cards as a conversation starter, discuss their meaning, create new ideas, discuss possible action steps and use them any other way they wish.

The cards are already being used by the StayOn coaches and we hope they help them as well as the StayOn participants with the desired personal development goals.

Get in touch with us if you wish to get more information about The Shapers and how it’s being used by StayOn community and/or how you can use them for your purposes.