As we enter year two of the StayOn project, Meath Partnership hosted the second knowledge transfer workshop in Ireland on October 6th and 7th, 2022. The workshop was designed to bring together our project partners from Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Germany to reconnect with each other and with the envisioned dream for the project – ‘young people recognise and develop their superpowers (activism, participation and creativity), and use them to StayOn rural communities’.


While reconnection was the overarching theme of this workshop, the focus was on the implementation of the project to date, including sharing of best practices and less successful experiences, and how partners can create a StayOn ‘buzz’ to engage more stakeholders in the upcoming project phases; community catalysis, community co-innovation labs and community entrustment. This involved idea generating among partners, addressing of any potential issues, and a supportive coaching session.

Over the past year the StayOn project partners have worked closely together and forged strong connections, which were strengthened by the second knowledge transfer workshop in Ireland.