Giulia Parola, Dr. Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl (ECSF at Munich Business School) and Prof. Dr. Julia Thaler (Bundeswehr University Munich) have recently published the article “The Butterfly Effect: How Academics’ and Practitioners’ Micro-practices Shape Turning Points in Response to Paradox” in the top-tier journal Academy of Management Learning & Education.


This study starts from the assumption that partners are encouraged to collaborate in projects but then often left alone to do it. However, it is inspiring to watch friendships form out of unexpected people and places. And it is interesting to observe how often the little things bring fundamental change in the relationship among people that do not see eye to eye. This is true even in a consortium of organizations involving professionals from various countries with diverse backgrounds, different work and personal values, and expected to perform quite diversified roles in a project.

This article:
→ shows the NUDGES needed to move away from worst practices embedded in the stale, corrosive presumption of “this is just another project“,
→ explains how to best deal with PUSHES or overt cases of tension, which many times represent action opportunities to turn things around, and
→ illustrates how SHOVES or moments of forced renegotiation might still be the chance to get your project on the right track.

This paper and the entire issue, including all other articles and book reviews, are available for free download through October 31 at this link.

Enjoy the read!