Our training offer

At Meath Partnership, our StayOn participants took part in one of our training workshops and gained valuable and necessary skills for specific areas of the Irish rural labour market.

Gel Polish Workshop

  • Anatomy, diseases & disorders of natural nail
  • Preparation of the natural nail for the application of gel polish for long lasting results
  • Using a professional kit and LED lamp
  • Natural nail shaping
  • Gel polish removal
  • Nail art

CV – Trick ‘r Treat Workplace – Job Readiness and Jobs Searchers – Jobs for Everyone

  • CV abbreviation – Curriculum Vitae.
  • What is a good CV, design and shape?
  • Determine the goals of your resume.
  • Ensure your resume makes a good impression.
  • Create the different sections of your resume.
  • Fine-tune your resume.
  • Covering Letter.
  • Review the company and the job before interviewing.
  • The main tools for job searching (presenting the leading websites such are Linkedin, indeed, etc.). Social networks and jobs.

    MOP – Microsoft Office Package

    • What is Office Package?
    • Usage and needs, all in one.
    • Microsoft Word (how it works, main features and some tricks).
    • Microsoft Excel (how it works, main features and some tricks).
    • PP (how it works, main features and some tricks).
    • Some other useful Microsoft programmes (Team).

      Different but Same – Life Skills for Migrants

      • What are the life skills?
      • Ireland VS My country (similarities and differences, what is easy, what is difficult).
      • Identity and religion/gender/nation.
      • National holidays.
      • Days of the week and months of the year.
      • Means of transportation here and there (bus network and system).
      • State/County/Municipality.
      • National colours and their meaning.

        LIT – Learning, Inclusion, Tolerance

        • Refugees and Migrants (definition).
        • Tolerance as a first step to inclusion and integration.
        • Institutions involved in integration in Ireland.
        • How can we accept new habits and values easily?
        • Cultural Challenges and advantages.

        LTG – Local to Global

        • Presenting the opportunities to local citizens for travelling and voluntary services in Europe. Let’s explore Europe (EU in figures). What do we need to know? EVS (European Volunteer Service). Why travelling is essential. EU funds and mechanisms. Presenting the opportunities to local citizens for travelling and voluntary services in Europe.
        • Let’s explore Europe (EU in figures).
        • What do we need to know?
        • EVS (European Volunteer Service).
        • Why travelling is essential.
        • EU funds and mechanisms.

          IT Support (IBM)

          Through these IT support courses, you will start building the skills they use to troubleshoot and fix all kinds of issues technology devices might have.

            Cyber Bullying and Security

            • Enhance understanding of authentication in Cybersecurity.
            • Enhance understanding of different authentication methods.
            • Enhance understanding of the main characteristics of the most common authentication methods.
            • Understand the risks of not using complex passwords.
            • Deliver techniques to manage complex passwords easily.

              My Bike – My Rules

              • Bikes through history.
              • Cycle set-up.
              • Road Rules.
              • The tools for fixing up. The parts of bicycles.
              • How to fix it up?
              • Cycling in the EU (statistics and benefits).

              DJ and Audio Production

              To become a DJ, you need to be:

              • Able to communicate easily with people.
              • Being outgoing and confident while playing music.
              • Well organised.
              • Able to operate technical equipment (software and equipment).
              • Able to think and react quickly if equipment breaks down, for example.
              • Possessing specific knowledge of Audio Production, Audio Editing and Beat-matching.
              • Being familiar with well-known software, sound recording techniques and Radio and podcast production.

              Circular economy and recycling technologies

              • Introduction to Circular Economy and Materials Science.
              • Introduction to Energy Economics.
              • Plastics, Composites and Plastics
              • Recycling Fundamentals of plastics.
              • Waste Management and Energy Recovery.
              • Sustainable Materials and Environmental Management.
              • Raw Materials Management and Recycling.
              • Life cycle assessment (LCA).


                Construction Safety Skills Workshop


                • Manual Handling
                • Safe Pass Training
                • Teamwork and Problem Solving
                • Communications
                • General Health and Safety in the Workplace

                Hospitality Skills Workshop


                • Basic Food Safety
                • HACCP Systems
                • Allergen Awareness
                • Knife Handling
                • Customer Care
                • Manual Handling
                • General Health and Safety in the Workplace

                Conversational English (ESOL) workshop


                • Intercultural Skills & Global Awareness 
                • Teamwork and Problem Solving
                • Leadership and Management Styles
                • Organisation and Planning 
                • Accessing the Irish job market
                • CV writing and Interview Preparation
                • Green Skills Jobs

                Social Media Skills


                • Creating Your Mission, Vision and Messaging for Your Business 
                • Setting up a Facebook Page 
                • How often to Post and What to Post 
                • Creating Images Using Canva for Social Media 
                • Posting and Scheduling Using Creator Studio 
                • How to Go Live Privately on Facebook 
                • How to do Stories and Posts 
                • How to share others Stories and Posts.

                Community Development Workshop

                • Social Analysis
                • Environmental Sustainability
                • Welfare to Work
                • Active Citizenship
                • Teamwork
                • Communications

                Business Options


                • The Business Environment 
                • Planning and Decision Making 
                • Managing Compliance 
                • Sales and Marketing 
                • Financial planning 
                • Developing the Business Plan

                Aromatherapy Workshop


                • Working with essential oils
                • Blending home remedies for oil burners
                • Use of natural, dried herbs
                • Using mindfulness products for home use and massage
                • Making bath salts
                • Making body scrubs

                Food Production Workshop


                • Food Safety
                • Nutrition
                • Menu Planning
                • Culinary Techniques
                • Food Product Development
                • Food Product Optimisation

                Paediatric First Aid Workshop

                • Choking
                • Wounds
                • Head injuries
                • Fractures
                • Sprains & strains
                • Burns
                • Temperature control
                • Allergic reactions
                • Seizures
                • Childhood illnesses

                Essential Driver Training Workshop

                It is mandatory in Ireland for all persons who want to learn to drive to complete essential driver training lessons. The purpose of these lessons is to save lives. Due to inexperience, learner drivers are exposed to greater risks when using the roads due to inexperience. Essential driver training lessons will help young people to develop their skills and improve their road safety knowledge and behaviours to become better and safer drivers. Many rural youths need this skill in order to access employment opportunities.

                  Transformational Workshop

                  This workshop was designed to enable young people to learn how to build their confidence and set goals for their futures. It enables them to step outside their comfort zones and create their life plans by instilling confidence and self-belief in their own unique abilities to transform their lives. By participating in this workshop, these young people have the confidence to set goals, not limits, which will allow them to create and seize development opportunities on both a community and personal level.


                    Through the StayOn project participants receive on average 4 individual coaching hours. Coaches offer support to participants to make a change, learn something new and/or achieve their goals. The essence of coaching is not giving answers to participants, but rather helping them find answers on their own. Coaches in the StayOn project lead participants through the process of trainings & community involvement, help them identify their potential and support them in overcoming obstacles on the way to their empowerment.
                    The main goal of the coaching in the context of StayOn is to help participants prepare their development plan. Coaches in the StayOn project receive individual and group support to lead participants through the process.

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