We are delighted to share with you a lift-you-up poem, written by buddy partners Jennifer Smith (Meath Partnership) and Dimitrios Tsolis (Rezos Brands) as a surprise in the form of a song for all the partners of the StayOn project.

While we work together across countries for a more inclusive, active and creative world, with a clear goal of youth empowerment to guide us, the role of “buddy partners” is to support each other in the implementation of the project. What’s more, “buddies” also nurture an overall good atmosphere and relationships in the wider partnership. 

Have a look at the whole poem:


When the workload’s piling up,

And you don’t know what to do,

You search for inspiration,

But you still don’t have a clue.

You try to be productive

When faced with tasks galore,

But all you really want to do

Is curl up on the floor.

Now the workload’s getting higher,

And you’re feeling very stressed,

Don’t give up, instead remember –

You can only do your best.

Know that you will get there,

Stay calm, relax, and breathe,

You’ve gotten through these times before,

And that wasn’t all with ease.

If you want to be inspired,

Just look how far you’ve come,

See, the work you do is really great,

In fact, it’s second to none.

So when Friday evening rolls around,

And it’s time to binge-watch Netflix,

Reward yourself with a glass of wine,

Or maybe even six.

Being a part of this consortium,

Is something to adore,

As we will keep supporting each other,

Long past 2024.

Continue to believe in yourself,

Knowing we have got your back,

And remember that you can move mountains,

If you just StayOn your track.