There’s excitement amongst the StayOn Project partners as we commence the project’s training phase. It can be hard for our young people to gain employment within their rural communities, but our training workshops foster youth empowerment by providing adequate skills for rural labour markets, helping our participants to stay on their rural homelands.

Our training offerings focus on the needs of our participants, for example digital skills and personal development, and the needs of their rural communities, such as environmental impact management and skills for traditional sectors of our economies.

Many of our training workshops are already taking place in rural areas across Greece, Ireland, Poland, Italy and Portugal, with many young people eager to take part. In 2022, we aim to provide coaching support and training to over 700 participants, equipping them with valuable skills and the knowledge needed for employment in specific rural industries.

Our consortium’s enthusiasm for the StayOn Project is certainly contagious, as our participants are just as excited to be a part of this wonderful opportunity as we are!